Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bill's Muffler Shop

When you travel to or through Nelsonville, Athens County, you really must get off the main road (State Route 33) and go into the heart of town. There are miles of lovely brick roads—Nelsonville has truly embraced its past. A pleasant surprise was Bill’s Muffler & Fast Lube on the southern edge of town (1280 Chestnut St., 39.4474°, -82.2162°). Someone put their artistic talent to good use by painting the outside of the building with scenes of classic automobiles on classic roads.

Here’s my own red Ford truck looking curiously at the old red truck painted on the garage door. Very clever how the artist used the windows of the door as the windows of the truck.

Here’s a closeup of the other garage door. Nice brick road!

Yep, I’d do business here—great paint job and an Ohio State fan to boot.

A triplane and a blimp are nice additions to the autos depicted in this Ohio hills sunset scene.

I’d like to thank Bill, whoever he is, for this nice surprise.